Development Variance Permits

Development Variance Permits may be used to vary the provisions of the Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision and Development Bylaw, or other bylaws as specified in the Local Government Act.  Council may vary siting, design or servicing requirements, but cannot vary the use or density of land, or floodplain specifications.


All applications for a Development Variance must be made to the Village of Keremeos on the prescribed form which are available at the Village Office.  Applications are processed by the Village Clerk with the involvement of other Departments, Provincial Ministries and outside agencies, as necessary.  Development Variance Permits are granted and cancelled by a resolution of Municipal Council.  The approval of the Ministry of Transportation and Highways may also be required in certain instances.  Development Variance Permits are noted on the title of the subject property and are binding on all persons who acquire an interest in the land.


Time to Process Application: Approximately 3 months

Application Fee: $400.00


Development Variance Permit Guide

Development Variance Permit Application Form