Notice of Landfill Tipping Fee Changes Effective August 1, 2016

As of August 1, 2016, modified tipping fees and regulations will be applied at all Regional District operated landfills including the Keremeos Residential Transfer Station.


Key Changes Include:

  • The 1% contamination allowance* has been removed to keep pace with other jurisdictions (* see note below)
  • CONTROLLED WASTE charges have increased from $150 per Metric Tonne (M.T.) to $200/M.T for Septic Sludge, Condemned Foods, Climical/Laboratory Waste, Bulky Waste, Asbestos Containing Materials, Food Processing Waste, Renderable Product and other authorized Prohibited Waste.  A $50 minimum charge will be assessed for any load containing these materials.
  • PRESERVED WOOD, LEAD PAINTED MATERIALS, INVASIVE PLANTS and INFESTED VEGETATION placed in improper areas of the landfill; fees have increased from $150 to $200/M.T.  These materials remain free for disposal if deposited in the designated location at the landfill.
  • TIRES with RIMS - $2 each (a maximum of ten per customer per day will be accepted).
  • OVERSIZED INDUSTRIAL and AGRICULTURAL TIRES have increased from $200 to $400/M.T to cover the cost for recycling.
  • BURNED MATERIALS at the Campbell Mountain & Oliver Landfills will have fees dropped to $50 for the first 500 kg. and $200/M.T for the portion of the load above 500 kg.  There will be a $10 minimum charge for any load of Burned Materials.
  • BURNED MATERIALS, including materials from structure fires, have been banned from the Keremeos Landfill.
  • RESIDENTIAL RECYCLING, including paper, cardboard and plastic, metal and coated paper containers, will remain free as long as residents sort and deposit materials in the correct container.
  • COMMERCIAL CARDBOARD is free provided it is deposited in the Commercial Containers inside the landfill.
  • PRESSURIZED TANKS, including propane tanks, under 4.5 kg. (10 lbs) are now free at all RDOS landfills.  Tanks over 4.5 kg. are charged $1 per unit.
  • FRUIT WASTE is now free for the first 1,000 kg. and $50/M.T over 1,000 kg. per load.
  • FOOD WASTE and FRUIT WASTE are banned from Okanagan Falls Landfill.
  • PROCESSED ORGANICS is free for the first 1,000 kg. and $300/M.T above 1,000 kg.



  • Please remain aware that all demolitions must have a Pre-Demolition Hazard Assessment prior to demolition and that all identified Hazardous Materials must be removed and properly disposed of prior to transport to the Landfill.
  • ASSESSED DEMOLITION AND RENOVATION MIXED LOAD may be deposited at the Okanagan Falls Demolition Sorting Facility for $200/M.T and the NON-ASSESSED DEMOLITION AND RENOVATION MIXED LOAD for $500/M.T
  • At Campbell Mountain and Oliver Landfills the ASSESSED DEMOLITION AND RENOVATION MIXED LOAD is assessed at $500/M.T and the NON-ASSESSED DEMOLITION AND RENOVATION MIXED LOAD is assessed at $700/M.T


  • Deconstruction and Sorting of materials is encouraged at all sites, when clean non-contaminated materials are deposited in designated areas:
  1. Metal - first 500 kg. free and $50/M.T over 500 kg.
  2. Wood-Waste/Yard-Waste - first 500 kg. fee and $50/M.T over 500 kg.
  3. Asphalt Shingles - $50/M.T
  4. Tar & Gravel Roofing - $50/M.T
  5. Gypsum - $95/M.T



  • Any REFUSE that is deposited at the ACTIVE FACE, that contains RECYCLABLE WASTE, shall be charged double the REFUSE FEE (2 x $95 = $190/M.T)
  • Any SOLID WASTE load that is deposited in a designated stockpile area that contains CONTAMINANTS shall be charged three times the rate for REFUSE, (3 x $95 = $285/M.T) or three times the highest rate for any material contained in the load, whichever is greater.


Please be aware of these rate changes and if you have any questions, please contact Don Hamilton, Solid Waste Facilities Supervisor at (250) 492-2913 or email for further information.

Monday, August 1, 2016 - 12:00pm