Planning & Development

The Village provides a broad range of planning and development services, many of which have been delegated to municipalities by the Province.

Land Use Procedures Bylaw
Defines the procedures for applying to amend the OCP or Zoning bylaws.
Defines procedures for applying for a development permit or a development variance permit.

Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion Applications  
An application for exclusion from the ALR must be submitted to the local government prior to being forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission.
For more information visit the Agricultural Land Commission's website by clicking here

Official Community Plan
The OCP is a statement of objectives and policies to guide planning and land use decisions within the Village.  An OCP is a statement of policy and does not regulate the use of private property; that is the role regulatory bylaws such as the zoning bylaw.

Official Community Plan Future Land Use Map
Outlines future desired patterns of land use in the Village.

Zoning Bylaw
Specifies allowable uses by zone as well as regulating densities, setbacks and height and size of structures
Off-street parking and loading requirements
Home occupation regulations
Zoning Map

Applications for OCP & Zoning Amendments:

Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw

Specifies regulations, requirements and prescribed standards for the provision of works and services with respect to the subdivision of land