Temporary Use Permits

Legislative changes enacted in 1985 granted local governments across British Columbia the ability to issue “Temporary Use Permits” (TUP).  These permits could be used to make a short-term exception to the zoning of a property and allow for an industrial or commercial use to occur on a site.

In 2010, further legislative changes increased the time period that a TUP could be valid for (from 2 to 3 years), and also removed the restriction on TUPs being used only for commercial or industrial uses, meaning permits could now be considered for residential, institutional and agricultural uses, etc.

A Temporary Use Permit is seen to provide — in certain circumstances — a more flexible option than rezoning, particularly when Council is being asked to consider a transitional use or a use where uncertainty exists respecting its appropriateness or long-term viability.

The whole of the Village of Keremeos has been designated as an area in which TUPs may be issued.  Individuals interested in applying for a TUP may download an application form by following the link below.


Temporary Use Permit Application Form


Information about the Temporary Use Permit application process - including requirements for posting Notice of Development signage - can be found within the Village's Land Use Procedures Bylaw by following the link below.


Land Use Procedures Bylaw No. 819